Promoting Achievement through Technology and INstruction for all Students

Guiding Policy Questions for Your Continuous Learning Team

  1. What is the expectation for teachers and instruction? Do they differ at the elementary and secondary levels?
    • Is the role for each educator and related service provider clearly defined?
    • Are general and special education teachers set up for collaboration when supporting students with IEPs?
    • How will they keep in contact with students? Web, Email, and/or Phone?
      • What’s the timeline for an expected reply if the educator is contacted when unavailable?
      • Are educators available online daily for office hours?
      • Are educators providing daily instruction online?
      • Are educators working with an entire class or groups of students at one time - synchronous instruction? Will instruction be provided asynchronously, or will there be mixture?

  2. Do all students have access to devices and/or the internet?
    • How will students receive information, communication, and assignments?
    • What are the needs of your students?
      • Send out a survey to better understand students’ needs.
    • Are you utilizing a Learning Management System?
    • What tools do you already have available in your district?
    • How will students submit work?
      • What type of accountability system will be in place?
    • How will you support technology/equipment breakdowns?
      • Do families know who to contact for IT support?

  3. How are student accommodations being made?
    • Do teachers and students know how to use the built-in accessibility features on the devices that students have access to?
    • Have student needs changed due to the new environment?
    • How will you progress monitor?
    • How will data be collected?

  4. What is the attendance policy?

  5. What is the grading policy?

  6. Do digital materials meet accessibility requirements per WCAG 2.1 including mobile versions?

  7. Do families know how to use the technology including; login information, required websites, browser extensions, tools, the Learning Management System(s), etc.
    • If not, how will you train them?
    • Where will families find information and resources?

  8. How will you collaborate or communicate with staff?
    1. Will there be a schedule?

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