Promoting Achievement through Technology and INstruction for all Students

Continuous Learning Resources for Students using AAC

The PATINS Project is available for consultation, support, and training for all Indiana PreK-12 public schools at no cost. For students using AAC or free training and support for any of the resources below, email Jessica Conrad and/or David JacksonAny questions or suggestions to this list, email Jessica Conrad.

Back-Up/Paper-Based AAC Boards

Note: These solutions below are not necessarily an equitable replacement of the system(s) provided by a school to support access to Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE).


Avaz (40 Grid in English, French, Avaz India, and Danish)


Core First Boards

CoughDrop (scroll to the bottom of the page for publicly shared boards)

Co-VidSpeak (first thirty minutes per month are free)

Eye Gaze Frame Maker

Picture Exchange Card Maker 

Project Core Boards (4, 9, 12, 20, 36, partner-assisted scanning, eye gaze, tactile)

PRC: LAMP WFL, Unity, Unidad, Essence Boards

Proloquo2Go Crescendo Core Boards

Super Core (20, 50 and Learning Grids)

TouchChat Core Boards

Alphabet-Based AAC

Amy Speech Language Therapy

Patient Provider Communication: Alphabet Boards

Speech Ninja

Core Word & Language Lesson Plans

Core Classroom (with Core Word Planners) from AssistiveWare

Core Word 5 Minute Fillers from AssistiveWare

AAC Language Lab (paid with free sample lessons, new 3/17/2020: 2 month free subscription)

Pathways to Core First

Core Workshop

Mind Express Activities

Talk To Me Technologies Lesson Plan Packets

Core Word & Language Learning Activities

Tarheel Reader

Tarheel GamePlay

Tarheel Shared Reader

Core First Learning: Printable Core Books

PrAACtical AAC & Rachel Langley: A Year of Core Words

Language Opportunities for AAC at Home

Communication Partner Strategies

Software Emulators

Coughdrop (device agnostic through supervisor account)

PRC: PASS Software (Windows Only)

Saltillo: Chat Editor (Windows Only)

Alternative Pencils

Eye Gaze and Flip Charts Alternative Pencils with Instructions

Family/Communication Partner Training

Project Core: Professional Development Module

Aided Language Stimulation Explained (under 3 minutes)

Tobii-Dynavox: Learning Hubs

AAC Consultations

Wanting to discuss options for a specific student enrolled in a public Indiana PreK-12 school? For a no-cost PATINS AAC Consultation, please fill out this referral for each student. Please allow 5 school days for a PATINS Specialist to contact you about the next steps. This 2-minute video is a brief overview of our process.

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