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Assistive Technology Lending Library

High school student taking picture of worksheet with iPad app.
First grader using AAC app on device.
Close up of child's fingers using BrailleNote Touch.
Third grader wearing headphones with a mic sitting in front of a computer with a document open.

The 2023-2024 PATINS Lending Library Loan Request Form is closed.

Please contact Lending Library Staff to request a no-cost PATINS UPS Return Label.

We are pleased to provide the PATINS Lending Library, a no-cost service, that loans assistive technology devices (see definition below), software, resource materials, etc., to school personnel at Indiana's Local Education Agencies (LEA). Training and/or technical assistance may be requested to accompany any of the items available for loan. These items are shipped directly to your school. They are used for the purpose of preview and/or trial periods with students. Items are loaned for a six-week evaluation period. If you do not see an item that you would like to borrow in our catalog, please let us know.

Assistive Technology (AT): means any: (1) item; (2) piece of equipment; or (3) product system; whether acquired commercially off the shelf, modified, or customized, that is used to increase, maintain, or improve the functional capabilities of a student with a disability. The term does not include a medical device that is surgically implanted or the replacement of such device.

All requests for PATINS and ICAM direct services, such as borrowing from our Lending Library, requesting a training, or requesting Accessible Educational Materials or supplies from the ICAM, must come to us directly from an Indiana public LEA employee, for Indiana public school students, and all materials, supplies, and equipment must remain within Indiana. Please contact PATINS Director, Daniel McNulty, with any questions you might have.

Please contact Lending Library Staff with all questions regarding loans and shipping policies

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