Vicki Walker, Specialist

Specialty Areas: Deaf & Hard of Hearing & Transition: Primary Age

Vicki Walker head shot
Vicki Walker, PATINS Specialist

  • Vicki is the PATINS Specialist for Deaf and Hard of Hearing and Transition: Primary Age. She joined the PATINS team in 2016. Her professional background includes a rich and blended experience in education, technology and healthcare. She holds a Masters in Education from the University of Louisville, is licensed in general education 1- 6 and middle school mathematics, and is certified in Instructional Design. The connecting thread throughout her career has been an advocacy and drive toward accessible, equitable and meaningful learning opportunities for all students. She loves the quote by Loris Malaguzzi that says, "Our task is to help children communicate with the world using all their potential, strengths and languages, and to overcome any obstacle presented by our culture." 

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