Speciality Areas

Daniel G. McNulty
State Director
Jena Fahlbush
Data & Outreach Specialist
Glenda Thompson
Event & Financial Manager
PATINS Specialists
Jessica Conrad
Early Intervention, AAC, AEM Technical
Training Videos/Tutorials
Rachel Herron
AEM & AT Integration: Primary Age, Accessible Content Authoring, Mac
Accessibility & Integration
Julie Kuhn
AAC, AT Team Development,
Orthopedic Access
Jim Lambert
Low Incidence, Elementary
Academics, PC/Microsoft
Accessibility, Autism: Intensive
patinsproject.com logo Sandi Mahl
Google & Chromebook,
SLD, ED & Transition: Secondary Age
Bev Sharritt
Blind/Low Vision, Issues
Concerning AEM and AT in
Indiana IEPs
Kelli Suding
Autism/Asperger's, AEM & AT Integration:
Secondary Age, SLD & ED: Primary Age
Vicki Walker
Deaf & Hard of Hearing,
Transition: Primary Age
Specialist Baseline Skills: AEM Grant Support Team, AT & AEM, Legal,
Mac, PC & Google, Universal Design for Learning Framework
Jeff Bond
ICAM Technology Specialist
Martha Hammond
ICAM DRM Services Specialist
Sandy Stabenfeldt
ICAM Digital Services Specialist


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