NameSpecialty AreasPhone
Jessica Conrad Early Intervention, AAC, AEM Technical Specs/Formats/Conversion, Training Videos/Tutorials317-738-7248
Rachel Herron AEM & AT: Primary Age, Accessible Content Authoring, Mac Accessibility & Integration317-738-7243
Julie Kuhn AAC, AT Team Development, Orthopedic Access260-274-0718
Jim Lambert Low Incidence, Elementary Academics, PC/Microsoft Accessibility, Autism: Intensive219-662-6939
Sandi Mahl Google & Chromebook, Transition: Secondary Age, SLD & ED: Secondary Age812-376-4557
Bev Sharritt Blind/Low Vision, Issues Concerning AEM and AT in Indiana IEPs317-326-3121 ext. 38800
Kelli Suding Autism/Asperger's, AEM & AT: Secondary Age, SLD & ED: Primary Age317-800-7774
Vicki Walker Deaf & Hard of Hearing, Transition: Primary Age 317-789-1687

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