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Online Lending Library

PATINS is pleased to offer a free service that loans assistive technology devices, software, resource materials, etc. to school personnel at Indiana local educational agencies. These items are used for the purpose of preview and/or trial periods with students.  Items are loaned for a six week evaluation period.  PATINS cannot guarantee immediate delivery of requested equipment, so it is the school's responsibility to look for other avenues to obtain necessary equipment if it is required by an IEP and not available from PATINS.

The catalog listing below may not reflect every item currently in the PATINS lending library as new items are continually being added.  If you don’t see the item you want, please contact a PATINS Regional Site Coordinator. This catalog listing may also contain items which are no longer available, and item prices may vary from the price listed as prices continually fluctuate.  Many items are available from vendors other than the ones listed.  If you need additional purchasing options, please contact your PATINS Regional Site Coordinator.

For a listing of devices/software/resources available through the PATINS Lending Libraries, please visit the Library Catalog.  Please make sure you have read and understand the above disclaimers before using this catalog. 

This lending logo which is made up of descriptive words about PATINS and AT directs you to the PATINS Lending Library page.

NEW! You can now search for iTunes apps!  See all of our purchased apps available by entering apps, iPad, or Apple in the Item Name Field in the Library Catalog.

As of the 2014-2015 school year, PATINS has gone online with all Lending Library forms.  In doing so, we are able to streamline data collection for the State and expedite your shipment(s) to you for your student(s). Please contact any PATINS staff member if you need assistance completing any of the forms.  These forms are available below.

Lending Library Loan Request Form

QR Code for Loan Request Form

Lending Library Loan Evaluation Form
This short evaluation is required for EACH item borrowed from the PATINS Lending Library.
 The information you provide helps us offer better recommendations about equipment for future
users and also to justify the time, effort and resources needed to maintain the lending library.
Thank you.

QR Code for Evaluation Form

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