Lending Library

We are pleased to provide the PATINS Lending Library, a FREE service, that loans assistive technology
devices, software, resource materials, etc., to school personnel at Indiana's Local Education Agencies.
These items are shipped directly to your school. They are used for the purpose of preview
and/or trial periods with students.  Items are loaned for a six-week evaluation period. 

Our catalog is constantly being updated.  If you do not see an item listed or you would
like suggestions on what may work for your student, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  Library Catalog

PATINS cannot guarantee immediate delivery of requested equipment.  
It is the school's responsibility to look for other avenues to obtain necessary
equipment if it is required by an IEP and not available from PATINS.


  Please contact any of the PATINS staff  if you need assistance completing the Lending Library forms.  

Lending Library Loan Request Form
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Lending Library Loan Evaluation Form*
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* A short evaluation is required for EACH item borrowed from the PATINS Lending Library. The information you provide helps us offer better recommendations about equipment for future users and also to justify the time, effort and resources needed to maintain the lending library.  Thank you.

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