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The PATINS Project is a state-wide technical assistance network for the provision of assistive/accessible technology for assisting local educational agencies in the utilization and creation of accessible learning environments and instructional materials. As a sole source provider for the IN Dept. of Administration and the IN Dept. of Education, the PATINS Project provides a complete state NIMAS delivery process designed to support the IDOE and LEA's in addressing the statutory and final regulatory requirements of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act of 2004.



PATINS offers a free service that loans assistive technology devices, software, resource materials, etc. to school personnel at Indiana local educational agencies. These items are used for the purpose of preview and/or trial periods with students.  Items are loaned for a six week evaluation period.  PATINS cannot guarantee immediate delivery of requested equipment, so it is the school's responsibility to look for other avenues to obtain necessary equipment if it is required by an IEP and not available from PATINS.  Check it out!  NEW!  Beginning with school year 2014-15, PATINS is going online with all Lending Library forms.  In doing so, we will be able to streamline data collection for the State and expedite your shipment(s) to you for your student(s). Please contact any PATINS staff member if you need assistance completing any of the forms.
PATINS Lending Library webpage

During the 2014-2015 school year, PATINS in collaboration with the UDL Center at OCALI, Michigan (MITS), Texas (TATN), Maryland (MATN) and Minnesota Department of Education will host a series of 40 live webinars.

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Comment from Kimberly Coy
California State University, Fresno
Assistant Professor

I also wanted to take the time to say Thank You!  Mindy and I both commented that the conference was one of the most energetic, meaningful, and well run conferences we had ever had the pleasure of attending and presentating at.  If we ever have the opportunity to return we plan on staying for the entire event.  Thank you again, I hope our presentation was helpful to the cause!

Comment from Leslie Jerger
Jasper Schools
Speech Language Pathologist

I received the Round Cheap Talk on Monday for a student.  I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly I received the device after placing the loan request order form online. We’ve been working with this student on scanning and selecting pictures on a communication board for a few months/weeks and decided to try the Round Cheap Talk attached to his wheelchair this week. He LOVED it! He previously clapped his hands for “yes” and shook his head for “no” but after only one school day using the device, he was reaching for it instead of clapping his hands! Unfortunately, the gooseneck that attaches to the clamp that attaches to the chair became loose and fell off the clamp. I am just wondering what to do and if you can help us? It was so exciting to give him a “voice” to communicate with us. He was so excited to use the device and cried when it broke.

Comment from Lisa Paynter
Broad Ripple High School
Special Needs Instructor

Thank you, once again, Mr. Daigle for helping Broad Ripple special needs students out with two refurbished computers.  The process was easy and timely from start to finish. I am looking forward to seeing our students use them right after spring break!  I have placed one in my classroom and shared the other with a neighboring special needs instructor.  I will tell everyone I can to donate computer equipment to PATINS.  What an amazing and important job you do.  Additionally, your location at the Blind School makes pick up or delivery very accessible to Broad Ripple High School.  I appreciate you!

Comment from Daniel Borowski
Bedford-North Lawrence High School
SE Teacher

I was able to order the communication devices through an account.  I am just waiting for the UPS delivery.  Thank you so much for your patience and understanding.  The service you and your center provide is invaluable to a special education teacher like myself.

Comment from Dodi Lacey
New Albany Schools
Speech Language Pathologist/Assistive Technology Coordinator

Just wanted to let you know I really enjoyed this day. (SE Roundtable Topical: Technology in the Classroom:  Addressing the Needs of All Learners.  All sessions presentations by PATINS Staff) .  The setting was beautiful, the lunch was delicious, and I really got a lot out of the sessions I attended.  I enjoyed the session Sandi Mahl did on The Google apps so much, that I have asked her to come to New Albany Schools and do an in-service with all our therapists.

Comment from Angie Schepman
Autism Coordinator
Teacher of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Learning Specialist
Seymour Community Schools

I just want all of you to know how thankful I am for PATINS!  It has really made a difference in one of my students with ASD.  The IPAD really opened doors for this young man.  Thank you, thank you.  :)

Comment from Linda Dickerson
Self-employed SLP

I thought the speakers that I attended (at PATINS Tech Expo 2014) were outstanding.  The information I got from them was new and exciting and right on target for my field of speech and language pathology.

Comment from Katrina Michael, Occupational Therapist
Robey Elementary, Wayne Township Indianapolis, IN

I just wanted to touch base again with you (Jeff Bond, CE Regional Site Coordinator)  to say THANK YOU again for helping me so much with the laptop problem! You and PATINS are wonderful supports to me!

Comment from Janet Ellis
DRM, Alexandria School Corporation

You (Martha Hammond) and your team have made using the ICAM program so very easy and accessible that I barely even register it on my ‘to do’ list anymore.  The benefits to our students, though, are bountiful.  I so appreciate what your team has done for the students!

Comment from Angie Schepman
Autism Coordinator/DHH Teacher/Learning Specialist
Seymour Schools

This was my first time using PATINS.  Sandi and staff made this first time experience amazing.  I was highly impressed on how they responded to all of my emails and questions in a timely fashion and assisted me when I needed help.  Wonderful experience!

Comment from Cindy McDonald
Teacher of the Deaf

I attended the 2012 PATINS Conference in which Ms. Sweeny (OnionMountain Press) presented how to utilize Adobe Acrobat Pro. Since then I have implemented using Adobe Reader for a student who has been using a scribe; however, now that we have been able to apply what I learned last year from the conference, the student is independent now and does not have to use a scribe any longer. She is only in second grade, but what a wonderful time to start responding completely on her own, just like everyone else, thanks to Adobe, the presentation offered at the PATINS conference, and my being able to attend! Have questions, contact me and I'd be happy to share!

Comment from Kimberly Kane
Deaf Educator

Thank you so much for the thought and care that you are extending to me for the 2013 PATINS State Conference.  It is so nice to attend a conference offered by professionals who service children with disabilities and who also extend the same thought to adults with disabilities.

Comment from Carol Hester
Sunman-Dearborn Schools

Two of the three students (borrowing from
PATINS Lending Library) who have used devices from PATINS will have their own iPADS for next year provided by our SPED cooperative because we have been able to show the big role the device can play in impacting their ability to learn.  They have loved having them, and we have loved your support!

Comment from Gail Crowley
Teacher of the Blind and Low Vision
Jennings County and Seymour Community Schools

Thanks SO MUCH for your (Sandi Mahl, SE Regional Site Coordinator) help.  I got together with Chadd Smith, ICAM IT Consultant) yesterday and we're going to be working the next couple of Tuesdays and Thursdays on downloading these books. I'm so glad I went to the Tech Expo and I'm especially glad you had me speak with him. I'm really grateful!

Comment from Michele Gillman
Director Special Education, School City of East Chicago

Jim, we are so excited to have the opportunity to work with you.  These in-services have been a highlight to everyone's day!  Thank you for the time and energy.  I know these are long days for you.  We know you make a difference for these students.  I continue to hear wonderful reports from the sessions, again thanks! : )

Comment from Andrea Hausz, MA,CCC-SLP
Speech Language Pathologist

Thank you sooo very much for helping with the ICAM registration, digital book requests, and the download - push to IPAD process. I was successful in getting all 6 of the needed textbooks on my new student's ipad.  I'm exhausted, but I did it!!  You were both so very nice and patient with me, and I really appreciate it!  I feel so empowered.  Have a blessed holiday season and happy Christmas shopping. 

Comment from Carrie Welch

Chaz finished second place in the 4th grade science fair.  He was able to use his iPod to give his presentation, then he answered the questions the judges asked.  He will go to Ball State in February.  They were also allowed to use computers for graph & typing information.  Chaz did his experiment by himself. Justin had to help with pictures and helped Chaz make a graph. Also  Chaz is in the classroom all day. They let him use his iPad in both classrooms. He also shares with a group of students listening to stories.  He is doing awesome & becoming more independent everyday.  I just wanted to share & welcome to use!
Chaz Mom
Carrie Welch
PS Thank you for all your help!!!!

Comment from Jill
Elementary Teacher
Indianapolis Public Schools

The 4 computers donated have been a hit for my kids the past and current year. It makes me so happy to see my kindergarteners using the technology they so desperately need. We've been in school for over 20 days now and already each student has learned how to navigate on and and that's all due to having the technology available so thank you!!! This year I only have 4 out of my 25 students that have a computer at home so being able to 'play' with one at school is huge!!

Image of students using computers from the PATINS Project Refurbished Computer Program.

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The PATINS Project provides a range of support services for impacting both the organizational capacity and the professional capabilities of Indiana’s local educational agencies in serving students with unique learning needs.  These services include:

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Pragmatic Organization Dynamic

Display (PODD) Workshop

This two-day course will demonstrate the use of a Pragmatic Organization Dynamic Display (PODD) approach developed by Gayle Porter (Melbourne, Australia).  

 Presented by Kelly Fonner, MS

March 1 & 2, 2016  

8:30a - 4:30p EST

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May 18 & 19, 2016  

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6036 Lakeside Blvd. Bldg. A

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Registration is limited to 40 seats!

We will spotlight a student solution on our Featured Solution Page each month, including a dedicated episode on our PATINS TV channel, complete with product demonstrations and special pricing. 

The Featured Solution for February is Cadan Assistive Technologies.

Coming in 2015 - 2016:
Featured Solutions

MonthFeatured Solution
March     Vision Aids Systems, Inc.
April     CIM Technologies
May     LexiaTech

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Our next PATINS TV episode airs on February 16th!  PATINS TV Webpage

Come and watch what Ginger Tiger has to offer you and your students.  Please join on February 16th at 11:45 a.m. EST to see this offering from Cadan Assistive Technologies.

Plan to join 5 minutes early if you can.  You'll be prompted to install an optional piece of software the first time, which will make the video run smoother. We welcome questions, concerns, comments, AND SUGGESTIONS for future PATINS TV Topics that YOU want to have us cover! Email Jena Fahlbush at  

At the scheduled times, the PATINS TV Videos should start playing automatically with the link below.  Alternatively, you can visit "View Live Schedule".  To View PATINS TV, both LIVE and archived past episodes, simply visit the PATINS Project Video/PATINS TV webpage.

Tech Tip:  Introductions! 

It is the time of the year when students are introducing themselves to their classmates.  This year why not give them options?  They could write a paper and read it to the class, they could use an app like Pic Collage that describes themselves, or they could make a Tellagami.  There are many ways to complete this task, why not start off the year right giving your students some options?   

Future of Indiana Modified Achievement Standards Test (IMAST)

This document from Dr. Michele Walker, Director of Student Assessment and Becky Bowman, Former Director of Special Education explains assessment options which must be explored with Case Conference Committees that have already selected IMAST for 2014-15, as well as those Case Conference Committees which have yet to meet to determine 2014-15 assessment-related decisions.


The PATINS Project is proud of every "starfish" that we help get back into the ocean.  See how we are making a difference!

On August 28, 2014 the Indiana Department of Education received word from the United States Department of Education that Indiana had received an ESEA Flexibility Waiver from certain aspects of the federal No Child Left Behind law. This gives local schools continued flexibility in how they utilize federal funding and allows more funding decisions to be made at the local level. The waiver is organized into three principles: 1) College-and –Career Ready Standards and Assessments; 2) State-Developed Differentiated Recognition, Accountability, and Support; and 3) Supporting Effective Instruction and Leadership.  The Indiana Department of Education’s Office of Special Education has collaborated to create a webpage to provide more information for families and educators of special populations of students with respect to the waiver.

UEB READY? Introduction to Unified English Braille Webinar

If you were unable to attend the UEB Ready? Introduction to Unified English Braille (UEB) Regional Trainings in November, please view the UEB Ready? Videos.  The training videos were compiled to create a webinar. The webinar is both informational and experiential. A comparison of English Braille American Edition (EBAE) and UEB is provided.  Participants are able to partake in a variety of exercises specific to UEB.  Answer keys are provided to check work.  Additional documents referenced throughout the webinar are available to download.  This webinar is intended to educate and prepare teachers and staff to facilitate a smooth transition from EBAE to UEB.  If you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Marcee Wilburn.

Marcee Wilburn
Promoting Achievement for Students with Sensory Loss (PASS)
Project Coordinator, Blumberg Center
Bayh College of Education, University Hall 009
Indiana State University
401 North 7th Street
Terre Haute, IN 47809

Office:  812.237.8115  |  Fax:  812.237.8089

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