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Universally Designed Access, Engagement & Participation 

PATINS will help you create an inclusive environment for all of your students.

Every Student Succeeds
A circular graphic with 3 concentric parts. The outer most ring has the phrases, Universal Design for Learning and Multi-Tiered System of Supports. The middle colored ring is divided into four parts labeled Collaboration, Instruction, Assessment, Curriculum. Inside the colored ring is a ring with the phrases Shared Responsibility, Shared Accountability and High Expectations. At the center of all 3 rings is a math equation stating Equity + Access = Outcomes.
21 June 2017
David Bowie said it best: “Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes(Turn and face the strange)Ch-ch-changesDon't want to be a richer manCh-ch-ch-ch-changes(Turn and face the strange)Ch-ch-changesJust gonna have to be a different man”This has been a big year of changes fo...
14 June 2017
Reflect, reflect, reflect is what my college professors used to say constantly. I always felt like I was going to lose my mind with one more forced reflection because I never understood the “why” of reflection.If you have ever been to one of my train...

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