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Universally Designed Access, Engagement & Participation 

PATINS supports Indiana's K-12 public educators in universally designing an inclusive environment for all students through the use of Assistive Technology, Accessible Educational Materials, Professional Development & Technical Support at no cost.

Every Student Succeeds
A circular graphic with 3 concentric parts. The outer most ring has the phrases, Universal Design for Learning and Multi-Tiered System of Supports. The middle colored ring is divided into four parts labeled Collaboration, Instruction, Assessment, Curriculum. Inside the colored ring is a ring with the phrases Shared Responsibility, Shared Accountability and High Expectations. At the center of all 3 rings is a math equation stating Equity + Access = Outcomes.
20 November 2017
It’s that time again for me to blog. If you have followed any previous blogs that I have submitted, you might see a pattern. This one is no different.I have been enthralled with what my grandchildren have shown me as they develop. It is always a surp...
10 November 2017
ImmersiveLast week at our annual Fall Conference, people came up to me at the Access to Technology booth with inquiries. It reminded me of how my professional journey started... with so many questions. If you didn’t know already, I’m a college studen...

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